Our Team

Dr. Birmingham, MD


Dr Birmingham has been treating people for over 35 years and has pioneered several new internationally recognized treatments for eating disorders. He can work with you and your family to provide advice about the specific therapy that you need.

Shallah Panjwani


Shallah received a Bachelor of Science with a major in Dietetics from the University of British Columbia and has completed a dietetic internship. In addition, she has her certification in the prevention and recovery of Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating. Shallah is a registered dietitian and a member of the College of Dietitians of BC as well as Dietitians of Canada. She has over 25 years of experience working in Nutrition and Dietetics and has received training in Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

Karen Ergas

PhD R. Psych

Dr. Karen Ergas is a registered clinical psychologist with over 20 years experience working with individuals who have eating disorders. She worked at St. Paul’s Hospital Eating Disorders Program from 1994-2011. While there, she served as coordinator of the Follow-Up Program and provided assessment, treatment, supervision and teaching. Dr. Ergas has also served as a program development consultant for the Woodstone Residence Eating Disorders Program. She is currently in full time private practice and continues to provide supervision and presentations in this field.

Dr. Ergas also has has extensive experience working with individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties and general life transitions.

Quetzo J. Herejk

Website: quetzo.com

Quetzo’s passion lies in the recovering and reconnecting to our place, our path and our purpose. Quetzo’s background in social justice and activism deeply informs her work in the field of mental health and eating disorders. She works from a place of interconnection, understanding that our strategies for coping and our distress are informed by our surroundings, relationships, and social context. Quetzo is motivated by people not having to be alone in their pain.

Quetzo provides therapy in private practice and works as a Therapy Clinician at the Eating Disorders Inpatient program at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital. She worked as an Individual and Family Therapist at BC’s only residential Eating Disorder treatment program, the Looking Glass Residence. Quetzo holds a Master of Social Work (Clinical Specialization) from the University of Victoria, is a Registered Social Worker with the BC College of Social Workers, and is a member of the BC Association of Social Workers. She also has a degree in Somatic and Transpersonal Counselling Psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Quetzo has completed extensive training and certification in EMDR, Narrative Therapy, Somatic Psychotherapy, Response-Based, CBT, DBT, EFFT, and AEDP.

Angela Birnie


Angela works as both a registered dietitian and a registered clinical counsellor.  She started her career as a dietitian in 2002, after graduating with a degree in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph and completing a dietetic internship at St. Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver.  Most of Angela’s nutrition work has been with clients who want to improve their relationship with food.  Through this, she became increasingly interested in the complexity of  how people make changes.  Wanting to help people with how to change as much as what to change, she graduated from UBC with a Masters of Counselling Psychology in 2013.  Angela has worked as a counsellor in a residential eating disorders treatment program since 2011. She currently works primarily in private practice, offering clients nutrition counselling, psychological counselling, or an integration of both.  Her psychological counselling work draws from emotion-focused therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, self-compassion research, and Brene Brown’s research on resilience in the face of shame.

Trixie Hennessey


* Please note: Trixie Hennessey is now only available by distance for Parent Support and Family Therapy using an EFFT-based model which offers support and coaching to family members of loved ones suffering from an ED. * Trixie uses an integrative approach rooted in interpersonal neurobiology, narrative therapy, emotion focused family therapy, mindfulness based practice and attachment theory. Her therapeutic approach flows from the knowledge and understanding that the therapeutic relationship itself is one of the most powerful predictors of positive outcomes for clients. Trixie holds a core belief in the power of relationships to heal and transform. She is dynamic, supportive, and empathetic with her clients in her efforts to move them toward a greater sense of mastery within their lives. Her warm and inviting style provides a positive context within which to explore new ways of connecting. Trixie is the proud parent of two amazing children. Trixie currently holds the position of Program Coordinator for Woodstone Residence Treatment Program. Woodstone Residence is the first publicly funded eating disorders treatment center in Canada.Trixie worked closely with Looking Glass Foundation and Dr. Laird Birmingham to create and implement a therapeutic model for treatment of eating disorders.

Virginia Lundy


Virginia Lundy is a Registered Clinical Counsellor with a Masters of Science in Behavioural Psychology from the University of Liverpool. She has over a decade of professional counselling experience specializing in treatment of substance misuse/addiction, anxiety and trauma. Virginia is trained in CBT, DBT, mindfulness, and EMDR and facilitates workshops in anxiety reduction and motivational interviewing . She also has a background in management in the criminal justice system as well as a detox/treatment center in Vancouver’s Downtown East side.