Meal Support Therapy

We are very pleased to announce that Meal Support Therapy is now available at the Vancouver Eating Disorder Clinic!

Location: Vancouver Eating Disorder Clinic – 2628 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

When you struggle with an eating disorder, meal times can be extremely difficult.  Meal time is often associated with anxiety, fear, and stress. Therefore, Meal Support Therapy is a core part of eating disorder treatment.

We provide a safe, comfortable, supportive, and non-judgemental environment. Experienced registered dietitian and/or registered recreational therapist will be guiding and supporting you while sharing a meal together.

The goals of meal support are to: (1) support you around meal times, facing fear foods, and completing the meals necessary for your nutritional needs, (2) re-introduce eating as a pleasant social experience, and (3) empower you and increase your self-confidence around food.

Meal Support Therapy is designed to support your situation and needs:

*Please Note: As meal time often triggers uncomfortable feelings for someone who has an eating disorder, we highly recommend that you register for post meal support therapy which is also available at the clinic. You may wish to further discuss effective post meal support with your Counsellor or Dietitian.


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Group Meal Support Therapy available for lunch and dinner meals daily for Monday to Friday.

Request to be contacted by a Registered Dietitian before group.