Men’s Group

The Men’s Group runs by demand at the Vancouver Eating Disorder Clinic! Space is limited to six people. Be in touch if you are interested!

Next Session: *Men’s Group is on hiatus until further notice.*

Location: Vancouver Eating Disorder Clinic – 2628 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC

Cost: $50 per person/per session (introductory rate)

We will create a supportive, safe setting for discussion and learning through a strengths-based approach. Topics will include those identified by participants. Other topics may include: quality of life/enjoyment, recreation/leisure, coping skills, body image, self-awareness, symptom reduction, building supports and nutrition.

The goals of the Men’s Group are to explore and improve the quality of life of each participant.

Principles for the Men’s Group Session:

  1. The group is expected to evolve based on the pace and content that participants feel most comfortable with.
  2. The group is limited to six participants initially.
  3. Pre-registration is required for each session and participants may choose to attend any number of sessions though are not required to join more than one session at a time.
  4. Any feelings or concerns can be discussed further in an individual session with your Group Leader, Therapist or Dietitian.
  5. New participants are encouraged to register a minimum of a few days in advance, so that the group facilitator and new member can schedule a brief 10 minutes phone session in advance. This is optional and included in the group fee. To date, participants find this brief call helpful.

*Please Note: Confidentiality will be agreed to be maintained by all group members and facilitators.

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We welcome any questions.