Recreational Therapy

Recreation and Leisure Services

Our Recreation Therapist provides a variety of program and service options designed to support clients as they learn and develop leisure and social skills required for participation in recreation and helps clients re-engage in their lives and community.

Recreation Therapy Assessment and Planning

Our Recreation Therapist works with clients to create an individualized Wellness Plan and provide support and advice throughout the implementation of their plan.

Leisure Support

Assistance can be provided by our Recreation Therapist with individualized interventions, trials in the acquisition and/or application of leisure skills and initial leisure/social outings.

Leisure Awareness and Education

Our Recreation Therapist assists clients in exploring the concept of leisure as it applies to wellness, self-esteem and quality of life. Clients will be guided to research and access leisure resources while they build confidence and ability for independence.

Family Leisure Support

Our Recreation Therapist can work with families to help them understand the importance of, and power of having, a positive family leisure pattern. The Core and Balance Model of Family Leisure Functioning will be used as the foundation to assist in improving their family leisure pattern.

Creative and Expressive Arts

Creative and expressive arts contribute to what it means to be human, especially in times of illness. Our Recreation Therapist provides individual and group programming and support in literary, creative, performing, and visual arts. These programs are designed to enhance the experience of life; provide enjoyment and relaxation; and inspire thought and discussion on ideas concerning belonging, identity, and sense of place.

Knitting has been shown to reduce the anxious preoccupation associated with eating disorders and produce a calming, therapeutic effect. Knitting contributes to feelings of pride, accomplishment and satisfaction. This is one of the creative arts programs our Recreation Therapist offers.

Post Meal Support

Our Recreational Therapist designs programs based on the participants’ individual interest and need to provide comfort, structure, and support after meals. These programs are available 5 days a week. Post meal support programs include: journal writing; creative expression; discussion groups; guided imagery; leisure education and exploration; and recreation participation.